Rinse and Repeat

Unbelievable (and yet completely believable at the same time). Another black man was shot and killed by a cop for no discernably good reason. This time, the aftermath was recorded on video by the car passenger/girlfriend.

The known details are that Philando Castile, 32, was pulled over by an unnamed cop for a broken taillight. The cop asked for his license, and as Castile began reaching for his wallet he informed the cop that he had a carry permit and had a gun. He was ordered to stop moving, and as he complied the cop shot him four times.

The girlfriend – amazingly calm, but probably more petrified in fear – recorded what went on at that point. You can hear that the cop knew he fucked up, but he kept his weapon pointed at the dying (and soon dead) Castile. Adding to the insanity, the woman’s 4-year-old was in a car seat in the back, within the line of fire.

A travesty. And the ridiculous thing is, since the cop is reportedly a minority himself (Asian), there’s a slightly smaller chance that he’ll skate. Let’s not kid ourselves – if he was white, he’d be almost guaranteed to be protected and absolved.

I’m beginning to think it’s black people that need to wear body cameras, not the police.