Another day, another death by cop

A guy selling CDs outside a convenience store was shot and killed while restrained in Baton Rouge.

Cops say it was because they were responding to a call claiming that he waved a gun at somebody, and there was, indeed a gun. But some of the details should raise eyebrows.

The gun was in 43-year-old Alton Sterling’s pocket, and eyewitnesses say that he never reached for it. It was the police that removed it, after they shot him. But the really curious part is how the cops responded in the first place.

They were supposedly called in because he had a gun, but they chose to throw him on the ground and grapple with him before they knew where this gun was or if he even had one.┬áIt wasn’t until they were on top of him that one shouted, “Gun! He’s got a gun!” as if they were surprised. And even then, they decided to shoot him. Execute him, to be accurate.

I wonder if there was actually a call. I can’t help but think they were just driving past, decided to roust Sterling and shit went bad.