SFGate, still sucking

SFGate’s sucking is a combination of smaller sucks that creates one big suck. One of these smaller sucking units is what passes for reporting.

Today’s example is this story about a tenant facing eviction because his landlord increased the rent from $1800 to $8000. More than 400%. The story does what it should except for one glaring omission–the landlord’s name.

We’re told the tenant’s name, how long he’s lived there, even pictures of the apartment (neglected by the landlord to a point that it shouldn’t even be worth $1800 a month, letalone eight grand). But the landlord is never named. The reporter writes that she asked for comment–which suggests she knows who to call–but never tells us who the greedy jerkwad is.

Basic journalism. Just basic freakin’ journalism, and SFGate yet again fails to reach the minimum bar.

SFGate sucks.