Bringing The High Ethical Standards Of Real Estate Developers To The People

I don’t know where real estate developers land on the occassional lists of ‘Least Trusted Occupations’, but it’s safe to say they’re not very high. But this breakdown of how Trump’s Presidential campaign is exactly how a developer would do it is eye-opening, expected and horrifying all at the same time:

There are too many tweets in this stream to cover all the points (it’s best viewed via Storify), but the basic gist is this: When a project is failing, the developer will blame others and make a big show of his commitment by saying he’ll put his own money into it. This gets the investors to put up more money. In actuality, the developer’s money never shows up, and he gets to continue to drive the project into the ground while protecting his own assets. It’s a win-win for him. Not so for his marks.

With a flailing campaign that has less cash-on-hand than a decent senatorial effort, Trump is playing this like a real estate deal. He’s saying he’ll do it himself; he’ll put up his own money if his ‘investors’ don’t have the guts. But in the end (especially in light of his recent FEC expediture reports), he’ll use the campaign to enrich himself, and if the thing goes belly up, he’ll still make out fine.

It’s a scam. A con. And there’ll almost certainly be plenty of rich people who will buy into it.