Monday, 27 June 2016

SFGate, still sucking

SFGate’s sucking is a combination of smaller sucks that creates one big suck. One of these smaller sucking units is what passes for reporting.

Today’s example is this story about a tenant facing eviction because his landlord increased the rent from $1800 to $8000. More than 400%. The story does what it should except for one glaring omission–the landlord’s name.

We’re told the tenant’s name, how long he’s lived there, even pictures of the apartment (neglected by the landlord to a point that it shouldn’t even be worth $1800 a month, letalone eight grand). But the landlord is never named. The reporter writes that she asked for comment–which suggests she knows who to call–but never tells us who the greedy jerkwad is.

Basic journalism. Just basic freakin’ journalism, and SFGate yet again fails to reach the minimum bar.

SFGate sucks.

Monday, 9 May 2016

SFGate Sucks: The stupidity of algorithms

One of the ways SFGate sucks is its dependence on SEO and automation. (I’m being awful generous here by assuming it’s not an incredibly dumb human making the decisions.) Friday’s edition had a beautiful example:


This poor schmuck is a high school senior who let the tip of his wiener peek out of his pants in the football team’s yearbook picture. You really have to look to see it (which doesn’t say much for his gear). When school officials found out, the cops arrested him and charged him with an assortment of felonies. They eventually dropped them–whether this was a case of trying to scare him or Maricopa County asshole cops being Maricopa County asshole cops is unknown, but it’s a safe bet it was the latter.

So, dumb kid does dumb thing. That’s the story. What sort of stories does SFGate think are related?









SFGate thinks actual sexual assault and exploitation of children, a convicted child murderer and political blooper are all equivalent to a stupid high school prank.

Rape, murder, accidental elbows and a 17 year old doing the stupid things 17 year olds do are all related. That’s one seriously twisted conspiracy.

SFGate sucks.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

SFGate Sucks – A Continuing Series

I need to get this out:, the digital component of the SF Chronicle (kind of, not really – more on that later), is a steaming pile of regurgitation, amateurism and SEO run amok. The articles are craptacular, starting with the use of inane stock photos to illustrate stories (not even bothering to change the Getty/Corbis/Shutterstock caption) and incomplete, sometimes incoherent writing.

Because the scope of how much sucks is so large, it’s impossible to cover in a single post. Instead, I’ll just start with what will probably be a series: A look at today’s horrible SFGate.

sfgate 042716

Breaking News – A dead body (no foul play suspected) at Apple merits the red banner, I suppose. But people probably kick the bucket at Genentech, HP and other big important area companies, too. Sadly, this is a relative good use of the alert. There’ll be examples of typical sorry SFGate use to come.

Latest News – Cruz selecting Fiorina, Hastert’s sentencing and some local items are valid. The weather? Cracker Jack toys? It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for…

Main Story – SFGate thinks the most important piece of news today is that people are visiting the building used for the opening credits of a 90s sitcom. The cherry on top is the headline. How can people mob a specific place “everywhere you look”? Standard awful writing from the buffoons at SFGate.

Real Estate Ad Count – There are three real estate ads posing as news articles today. I think that’s about the average.

Bonus Reguritation – They’ve been pushing this “Detour” app story on and off for the past year. It’s a good idea for an app, but not worth repeating – unless they’re getting paid to do it, which is entirely possible.

Some News SFGate Doesn’t Think Is Important:

• Trump wins all Super Tuesday states; Clinton wins all but one

• The vile human cheeto also delivers his first foreign policy speech

• US to release report on its bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital

• More racist texts by SFPD discovered

SFGate sucks.